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2015.07.24 - Time marches ago

Back here again, a year later, but in a different place.

This is my least favorite time of the year.

Maybe I'll have more to say this weekend.

I've removed work data from this site, but I'm still at work. Time to go home...

2014.07.22 - Morning

Yesterday I made good on my plan to activate GA, and I was rewarded with a half-dozen requests from the US. Yay!

Earlier I received an unexpected direct mail from Saab Parts North America. They know that I have a 9000 CSE, degrading less than gracefully, because databases. Maybe I will be able to make some tactical repairs: they promise me a new hood badge.

Regardless, the car should be replaced before the winter: I've never purchased new vehicles, other than bicycles, but it would be nice to have something somewhat new, if only to have a brief respite from the inevitable repairs.

2014.07.21 - Been a while

First update since May 28, 2011: thanks PAW for the password reset.

Hello there, Googlebot, if you're still stopping by this site. I really need to activate some analytics and take this site beyond the most simple of hand-written HTML.

Today, in honor of the memory of James Garner, I upgraded my MacBook Pro to OS X Mavericks, and my iPhone and iPad to iOS 7.1.2. Thanks iCloud for sharing my Safari bookmarks across devices.