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2014.07.22 - Morning

Yesterday I made good on my plan to activate GA, and I was rewarded with a half-dozen requests from the US. Yay!

Earlier I received an unexpected direct mail from Saab Parts North America. They know that I have a 9000 CSE, degrading less than gracefully, because databases. Maybe I will be able to make some tactical repairs: they promise me a new hood badge.

Regardless, the car should be replaced before the winter: I've never purchased new vehicles, other than bicycles, but it would be nice to have something somewhat new, if only to have a brief respite from the inevitable repairs.

2014.07.21 - Been a while

First update since May 28, 2011: thanks PAW for the password reset.

Hello there, Googlebot, if you're still stopping by this site. I really need to activate some analytics and take this site beyond the most simple of hand-written HTML.

Today, in honor of the memory of James Garner, I upgraded my MacBook Pro to OS X Mavericks, and my iPhone and iPad to iOS 7.1.2. Thanks iCloud for sharing my Safari bookmarks across devices.